Caring & Cleaning

Act of Caring started as a project to find joy in caring for the things we already have – a new lifestyle-era about caring.

Caring & Cleaning

Act of Caring started as a project to find joy in caring for the things we already have – a new lifestyle-era about caring.


The way we treat our skin we must treat our surfaces and precious objects in order to make them last. It will then age with grace and last for a lifetime if you take care of it. Act of Caring will make caring joyful and give a sense of proudness.

Sustainable Cleaning Products – kind to nature

Act of Caring’s products are vegan, plant-based and scented with carefully selected natural essential oils.
The ingredients are sourced locally whenever possible to limit the co2 impact and do not contain any ingredients of animal origin.
Our bottles are made from 100 % recycled PET. Transparency is key.


Dive into the find Act of Caring’s care routines and material experts and you will know how to take care of your object in the best way.
The experts will give some more tips and and insight on the materials.

“Buy less.
Choose well. Make it last.”

Vivienne Westwood

Act of Caring

– our dedicated program for office.

For Showrooms, offices, shops, hotels, restaurants, concert halls and cinemas!
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