We have chosen to use natural, vegan and biodegradable ingredients – kind to nature. The ingredients are sourced locally whenever possible to limit the CO2 impact due to long distance transport.

Only the kindest non-toxic preservatives are used, always from natural origin and we refrain from using harsh chemicals that would hurt the environment and our body as:

• Methylisothiazolinone
• Phenoxyethanol
• Phthalates
• Mineral oil
• Parabens
• Sodium Lauryl Sulfate/Sodium Laureth Sulfate and many other nasty substances like them.

Our products do not contain animal by-products. They are not animal tested but tested on us, the act of caring collective.

Act of Caring formulas are blended and manufactured in a small workshop on the Swedish with a skin care heritage. The Protecting Marble Wax can even be used on your lips, that is how natural we go.

All our products are natural,
vegan and biodegradable
- kind to nature


Act of Caring’s  formulas are only scented with the highest quality of pure essential oils.

The reason is twofold; Each essential oil has an added function to the products effectiveness and the lovely scents will inspire to care and make an act of caring.

• LEMON, YLANG-YLANG, EUCALYPTUS – our signature scent.

Lemon is a natural disinfectant. repels insect larvae and mosquitoes. The fruit peel, gives energy and sharpens the concentration, a little lemon oil sprayed in the kitchen stimulates the appetite.

The Ylang-ylang flower, has a soothing and relaxing effect, very common and appreciated in floral perfumes.

Only the leaves of the eucalyptus bush is used for its refreshing and relaxing qualities. It purify the respiratory tract, stimulate action, can be used in scented bags in the same way as lavender, effective against insects.

The wood of the sandalwood,  gives a warm and safe scent, relaxing under stress and worry and repels insects.

Pine tree from fir spruce, gives the whole room a warm and fresh scent of forest, stimulates action, cleansing and antiseptic.

Leaves of the patchouli bush, gives an earthy warming and strengthening scent, good to use in the workspace, effective against ground beech and silverfish.

We use the tea tree shrub,  for the fresh bittersweet and medicinal scent  but also with warm and spicy elements, clears the mind and sharpens concentration, bacteria and fungicides, and effective against insects.

Some products remain unscented when it is not adding anything to the functionality of the product.